German Beer

I have recently returned from a trip to Westfalia in Germany.
The local brews are mostly Lagers, Lots of head and small measures, also subtle flavors!
Barre Brau is the local brewery. Reasonable strength, but the flavor is subtle (not a lot of taste), however, a nice refreshing drink after a hard days work!
More tasty, aulthough I would say, an aquired taste are the wheat beers. More about them later.




Well, I’ve returned from Fairport’s Cropredy Convention in Oxfordshire and survived! Wadworths supplied the beer as usual and good it was too, considering the bar was in a field. I would like to know just how much beer was drunk that weekend? It must be many thousands of Gallons not just Pints!
As they say, the music was spectacular, the company friendly and the drinks were intoxicating!

AlicecropHere’s a picture of Alice Cooper on the Thursday Night – strange – somebody told me Alice was a nice young lady singing songs from the shows!

Tempus fugit

As the song says “Where does all the time go?”
I don’t know!
Over the last week i have been trying out lots of beer’s writing a history of beer page and doing a million other things( I Exadgerate).

Hopefully i will get some things uploaded soon. Pat.


Coming Soon

Hi everyone! (is there anyone there yet?) this is my First Post.
Over the next few Months I will be reviewing Fine and not so fine ales. I have no credentials other than a keen interest in the subject, and a desire to try as many different ales as possible. I know what i like.

I hope you enjoy reading my opinions and more importantly enjoy the beers!

This site is a work in progress and will hopefully improve as time goes by